Project 100 Turbo Compressor

Development of phase 14 of South Pars
Installation of electrical and mechanical equipment of all buildings OFSITE Phase 12 of South Pars

List of actions:

    Implementation of pipes in different grades Kandvyyt 37 933 m
    Sapvztyng 18
    Cable with armor cable size 2 x 2 x 1.5 25000 m
    Implementation of 41418 cubic meters of scaffolding and Askfvldyng
    Wiring size below 58 551 m
    Cable with pvc cables with Sayzpayyn 9235 m
    Outdoor socket system LCS 817 number
    ELP 330 number sign lighting system
    Panels F & G 200 number system
    UPS 100 device system
    NLP 610 device system
    Earth cable 2000 m
    13850 number keys lighting outlet
    IT 5062 device system
    F & G 1747 device system
    Conditioning fan coil unit 3863
    PA / GA 2567 device
    LED area number 199
    Syns cable in different sections of 850 m
    HVAC 1220 square meters of channel Nsy
    New pipe plumbing pipes in different sizes for HVAC 1200 m
    Plumbing fire in different sizes 680 m
    3122 square meter for thermal insulation channels